04/30 Ryan’s “Welcome Back” Tuesday Forecast


Good to be back to forecasting for South Mississippi after a nice vacation! As I left on Thursday, severe storms were on their way in but didn’t stay long. Things cleared up nicely for the weekend, as they did in Cancun for me, but now clouds are starting to move in.

The rain stays away until the weekend, but it’ll keep getting more cloudy and more humid until then.

Expect this to lead to the development of some pockets of Dense Fog inland, but still only expecting it to remain patchy on the waterfront. Not much changes soon. The days keep getting slightly warmer, and the nights remain in the upper 60s/low 70s into the weekend. That’s when a front will crawl into the area and bring a few days of general cloudiness and scattered showers. This trend continues into next week, which is were we even out into mostly sunny, warm, and muggy weather.