Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in Bay St. Louis


This morning, people in Hancock County and members of the Powerhouse of Deliverance Church joined together to pay a tribute to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

The day started in Bay St. Louis at 9:30 with a celebratory mile and a half march that ended at Powerhouse of Deliverance Church. Following the march, Bay St. Louis Councilman Jeffrey Reed, who is also the bishop of Powerhouse of Deliverance, held a program commemorating Dr. King’s legacy.

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Reed tells News 25 this is a day to remember the past, but also celebrate the future. “In our generation, we have risen to a level where we are not taking over. We are shoulder to shoulder with a lot of self-respect and a lot of confidence. Our children, our grandchildren have risen to places. We are not so much begging for jobs anymore. We are making our own way.”


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