The 2019 Hurricane Season is Just One Day Away

It’s the final countdown.

That’s right. The official start of the 2019 Hurricane Season is just hours away, beginning tomorrow, June 1st. And are you ready?

That’s the question posed by local emergency management officials as we forge into the new hurricane season.

Experts predict there will be 12 to 14 storms this season, with five to seven of them forecasted to become hurricanes. Of those, two to four are predicted to become major hurricanes.

You may remember, last year, we took you on a ride with Keesler Air Force Base’s Hurricane Hunters, and flew you into the eye of Hurricane Michael before it made landfall in Florida . Hurricanes Michael and Florence battered the U.S. coastlines last year.

Just two years ago, Hurricane Nate made landfall here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but fortunately, its impact was minimal.

We checked in with Harrison County Emergency Management Agency Director Rupert Lacy as he and officials throughout our region prepare for the Saturday start of hurricane season. “The humbling side of this year is that we’re having the 50th anniversary of Camille in August, so we live in paradise but we must be prepared for what Mother Nature may throw at us during the summer months into the fall,” Lacy said.

Don’t forget to tune-in to our Hurricane Authority Special 2019, which will air later today, Friday, at 6:30 pm on our NBC and FOX channels. It will give you an in depth look at this year’s predictions and let you hear from hurricane experts from the National Hurricane Center.

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