2019 Coastal Region Transportation Summit

Business and industry leaders from across the state are gathering on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to work on ways to improve transportation in our area.

Thursday, the Coastal Region Transportation Summit will take place at the Golden Nugget. State and local leaders will participate in open panels, workshops, and seminars to share ideas about the best transportation methods to use moving forward.

There will be several guest speakers including Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes, and Biloxi Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich highlighting the important role transportation plays in economic growth and development in the area.

Gulf Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Paul Gavin says it’s a great way to prepare for the next 20 years of the transportation system. “We’re very excited about how the Coast is growing and the economy of the Coast is growing. We need to plan for the future use of the Coast whether it is land use or the transportation system. We need to plan so those pieces fit together in the future and that they can be seamless and then they can fit the needs of the future users of the system.”

Things kick off Thursday with the first panel discussion at 8:30 a.m. Registration is closed to the public, however, government personnel and industry leaders can register on site.

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