2018 Primary Elections Review

Yesterday’s primary elections may be over, but some decisions have yet to be finalized.

Mississippi’s Primary Elections made for an unusual lead up to November’s special election for Congress.

With Senator Roger Wicker’s landslide victory against fellow Republican Richard Boyanton, the Democrats had a different situation.

Fewer than one thousand votes separated state lawmaker David Baria and Meridian resident Howard Sherman, leading to a runoff election on June 26th between the two candidates to determine Senator Wicker’s opponent in the November election.

In the House for the GOP, it was Incumbent Representative Steven Palazzo defeating E. Brian Rose with more than 70 percent of the state’s votes. Running against Palazzo in November will be Democrat Jeramey Anderson, the uncontested Democrat.

If you missed the voting booth in Tuesday’s primary, registered voters are allowed to cast a ballot in the runoff later this month or if you already voted in the Democratic primary.

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