2018 Keesler Air Force Base Technology Expo

Instructors and trainees alike joined forces in Biloxi today for the 2018 Keesler Air Force Base Technology Expo. As News 25’s Toni Miles shows us, warfare and our nation’s defense are now being fought on a new front and those who attended today’s event are better armed when it comes to ideas and equipment to protect our homeland.
From key pads to printers, just about anything can be used to protect and defend our nation when placed in the right hands.
Second Lt. Hawes was one of hundreds of airmen going above and beyond to get an edge on the latest technology at the 2018 Keesler Air Force Base Technology Expo put on by the 81st Communications Squadron.
A thermal imager was just one of the many items on display at the Expo. This can be used in our nation’s defense as can many of the items on display at the expo. First Lt. Matthew Amato said, “I work over at the 333rd training squadron. Seeing the different vendors and availability for different future uses, for tech training, especially with Keesler being the gate way for cyber training, venues like this and getting introduced to different vendors really helps us know what is out there and to get our hands on it.”
There are plenty of options to go around and check out at this annual expo. “The stuff you see here today, next year will, maybe out of date this time next year. They’ll be bringing new stuff along as well that will be new innovations,” said Lt. Col. Jerry Hambright.

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