200-year-old Live oak cut down in Long Beach to make way for boutique hotel

After surviving storms like Hurricanes Camille and Katrina, this Long Beach tree has been reduced to a stump.

On Earth Day, the 200-year-old Live oak tree on Jeff Davis Avenue and 4th Street in Long Beach took its last breath before being chopped into pieces.

A few months ago, some residents found out developers wanted to tear the tree down with plans of building a hotel in its place.

Residents went as far as creating a petition to save the Live Oak tree in opens that it would be treated as a historic landmark.

According to a Saturday post on the City of Long Beach’s Facebook page, the city says conditional approval to remove the tree was given by the planning and development commission in December, pending submission of site plans from the developers of the property.

Then, last Wednesday, the Community Development Committee approved the submitted plans for the hotel development.

Two days later, on Friday, all fees were paid and a permit was issued to remove the tree.

On Saturday, the tree came down.

WXXV reached out to Alderman-At-Large Donald Frazier for comment, but has not heard back from him.

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