18th annual Scrapin’ the Coast took place this weekend

Roads along the Gulf Coast were looking extra flashy this weekend as cars and trucks from across the nation came to be a part of the annual ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ car show.

Thousands of customized cars cruised down Highway 90 with their stereos bumping this weekend for the 18th annual ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ car show.

People traveled far and wide to be a part of the show in Biloxi. One of those people was William Grayson from Oklahoma. “This is the first time that we’ve been down this way. This is actually the first road trip we’ve actually taken in this vehicle since we’ve gotten it out of the shop last year. So this is the furthest it has been and we’ve been at home. We planned a trip to California, but with all the COVID and everything going on we canceled that. So this is a vacation for us, a mini vacation.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing many big events, such as car shows, to be canceled, cars have been in storage for months. Now, they’re finally able to be shown off again. Car Owner Doug Stewart said, “2020 Scrapin’ the Coast is really the first big event in Biloxi since this whole COVID thing has been happening and so a lot of cars showed up this weekend. It’s a great time.”

For many, ‘Scrapin’ the Coast’ isn’t just about showing off their customized vehicles, it’s also about spending time with family and other auto enthusiasts. “It’s good to bring the family out and to see little kids running around and getting the feel for it, you know. It’s really a good time, so I like coming to Scrapin’ the Coast. It’s a good event,” said Stewart.

A love for cars and fixing them up can transcend generations. “I’ve got another one at home. It’s a ’72 Chevy truck that my grandson and I are working on together that he’s gonna get when he gets 16,” said Grayson.

While cars stole the show, there was a little something for everyone to enjoy at ‘Scrapin’ the Coast,’ including live bands, a stereo competition, and even a cornhole tournament. “There’s just so many different people from all different walks of life that love. We have the common core enthusiast for cars, all different kinds of cars. And so it’s kinda neat to meet these new people and see what they’ve got, you know, and they’re excited about it and then their kids are excited about it. It’s good. It really is.”

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