18 Wheeler Burst into Flames

Around 4 p.m. this afternoon, an 18 wheeler burst into flames on Interstate 10 at the exit 57 overpass.
The semi ran into a concrete divider at the overpass, rupturing its fuel tank. Sparks from the trucks damaged tires immediately ignited the fuel, sending the truck up in flames.
Gautier Fire Department responded and extinguished the flames before MDEQ arrived to contain the fuel spilled during the accident.
Due to his quick thinking, the driver was able to escape the cab safely after successfully bringing the truck to a halt. Chase Elkins with Mississippi Highway Patrol said, “The driver of the 18 wheeler left the road to the left to avoid a collision with another vehicle in the lane change. The 18 wheeler collided with the guard rail put up for road construction. The driver did a good job. It was a bad accident, the interstate was shut down, but even as bad as this is nobody was hurt.”
The backed up traffic from the truck contributed to another accident on the exit 50 overpass. No serious life-threatening injuries occurred.

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