155th Armored Brigade to deploy

Four thousand and two hundred Mississippi National Guard soldiers of the 155th Armored Brigade Combat Team have received orders to mobilize in support of Operation Spartan Shied.
Operation Spartan Shield is a combined forces contingency operation designed to deter and react to possible threats within the Middle East.
This will be the unit’s third deployment to the Middle East since 2001 and the first deployment using all of its assigned combat platforms. Major General Janson D. Boyles said, “Mississippi has been fortunate enough to have a good track record because of our previous leaders, because of the soldiers in the 155, going through the CTCs to prepare for the next step to be highly trained. We are very proud of the soldiers that are achieving those goals and continuing that legacy of the 155 being that unit that you can depend on.”
The brigade’s mobilization is scheduled for spring 2018 at Fort Bliss, Texas with a deployment for approximately nine months in the central command theater based out of Kuwait.

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