$15 million approved in restoration projects

Governor Tate Reeves announced the Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group approved of $15 million in restoration projects.

After the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the Mississippi Sound and other coastal habitats were left with devastating damage.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality serves as one of the trustees in the Mississippi Trustee Implementation Group and wants to reform the ecology and the economy through various projects.

The current restoration projects include Wolf River Coastal Preserve Habitat management, Hancock County Coastal Preserve Habitat management, Oyster spawning reefs, and the Mississippi oyster gardening program. MDEQ Interim Executive Director Chris Wells said, “All of this fits into a bigger, overall effort to restore and to do as much restoration work as we can to contribute to the recovery from an ecological standpoint and from an economic standpoint to the recovery from the impacts of the spill.”

The 15 million serves as part of the criminal and civil settlement with BP oil and other responsible parties.

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