123 Dogs Examined at H.S.S.M. After Puppy Mill Rescue

One hundred and twenty three dogs are finding hope in Gulfport after being rescued by the Humane Society of South Mississippi (H.S.S.M.) Wednesday night from two suspected puppy mills in Alcorn County.

Thursday, the dogs are being examined for internal injuries and parasites by teams of veterinarians from across the country. From the tips of their noses to the tips of their tails, 60 of the 123 dogs seized Wednesday night were examined at H.S.S.M.

Their Chief Veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Morris, says so far, the dogs look like they’re in good shape. Dr. Morris says, "They were very happy to see us, which is very different than our normal puppy mills. A lot of them are very unsocial, but a lot of these dogs were happy to be held. They’re silent in the room right now because they’re so comfortable."

This came as a surprise to the rescue team. They tell News 25 the dogs were found in the most deplorable conditions. Shelli Skiados, Community Engagement for H.S.S.M., says, "Most of them had no access to light, so bringing them out to the outdoors was a little bit difficult for a few of them."

Many of the dogs at H.S.S.M. were the moms of dogs at the puppy mill, who were severely neglected by their owners. Skiados also says, "These animals were bred and produced solely for profit with no regard to the health or wellbeing of the adults."

Every day, puppy mills are broken up across the country. The Humane Society of the United States warns animal lovers to be careful when buying their next pet. Jennifer Kulina-Lanese with the Animal Rescue Department of the Humane Society of the U.S., says, "When buying off the internet or off the side of the road, you might be helping puppy mills survive, so it’s really important to go to your local shelter and adopt an animal in need."

Humane Society leaders say many of the dogs will need foster homes to become socialized before they’re ready for permanent loving homes. If you’d like to help, H.S.S.M. is accepting donations. They are in special need of towels and cleaning supplies.

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