12/8 – Brittany’s “Cool & Quiet” Thursday Evening Forecast

Forecast for the next 24 to 36 hours is basically just status quo or we can just say persistence. There is basically nothing changed right now compared to yesterday and with that fog should have no problem developing again and quickly this evening. Dense fog will impact just about the entire area for at least one more night if not Friday night as well. With that we have issued the dense fog advisory already for all of the area. It will begin at 3z and run through 17z tomorrow however dense fog will likely already be developing in some patchy spots before 3z while most inland areas will be another few hours behind.

Sunday night through Wednesday night, the forecast starts to get active. Even by Sunday and Monday we will likely see some activity but when we are talking about active weather we are referring to the massive L/W trough that will site over the central and western CONUS Tuesday and Wednesday.

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