12/27 – Jeff’s “Warmer Days Ahead” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Temperatures managed to hit 60 degrees in a few spots this afternoon. The cold airmass is finally losing its grip on South Mississippi. Clear skies and relatively light winds will allow for another sharp cooldown this evening. However, increased moisture in the air will keep temperatures from bottoming out too low.

There is potential for patchy, light fog in the area tomorrow morning. A few clouds will be around Wednesday but temperatures will warm well into the 60s. Moisture will continue to increase through the middle of this week as return flow off of the Gulf of Mexico continues. The area of high pressure that has been near our area will scoot farther east as we get closer to the end of the week. An increasingly warm and moist airmass blowing over colder nearshore waters will lead to sea fog to set up Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning.

A frontal system will be moving out of the Rockies Thursday. It will move to its northeast, leaving us in the warm and moist sector towards the close of this week. Cloud coverage will increase Thursday as temperatures will near 70 degrees. With a very moist airmass for this time of year, shower and thunderstorm chances will be elevated Friday. The cold front will slow or stall during the day Friday. This will lead to efficient rainmakers as we head into the weekend.

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