12/27 – Jeff Vorick’s “Changes Coming” Tuesday Night Forecast

The cold airmass is modifying across much of the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. However, the combination of light winds turning calm and clear skies have led to efficient radiational cooling. They  won’t drop off much more thanks to increased moisture content in the air.

A few clouds will be around Wednesday but temperatures will warm well into the 60s. Moisture will continue to increase through the middle of this week as return flow off of the Gulf of Mexico continues. The area of high pressure that has been near our area will continue to scoot farther east. The very warm and moist airmass blowing over cold coastal waters will prime sea fog to develop the next several nights.

A frontal system will be moving out of the Rockies Thursday. It will move to its northeast at the end of this week. Cloud coverage will increase Thursday as temperatures will near 70 degrees. We will be in the warm sector of this system. With that, and a very moist airmass for this time of year, shower and thunderstorm chances will be elevated Friday. The cold front will slow or stall during the day Friday. This will lead to efficient rainmakers as we head into New Year’s weekend.

The pattern will remain very active into the New Year. Sunday will only see a 20-30% chance of thunderstorms. However, shower and thunderstorm chances will be elevated again to start the first full week of 2023.


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