12/12 Ryan’s “Full Moon” Thursday Forecast

The last full moon of the decades is tonight, but sadly we won’t see much of it as cloud cover and rain chances rise. Expecting scattered showers off an on through the night due to low pressure system in the Gulf.

Thunderstorms aren’t impossible, but unlikely as is severe weather.

The weather remains consistent through the night, with lows lingering in the low-to-mid 50s and cloudy skies. Tomorrow’s high warms back into the 60s and skies will begin to clear on the back end of the day. That means we’ll get a nice sunny weekend after a cloudy and grey week.

Temperatures remain on the rise through Monday, but at that point our next weather-maker moves in and another round of showers is in store.

Doesn’t last long though, sunny days with highs in the 50s return by Wednesday.

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