Special events permit ordinance in Biloxi

A public hearing was called this afternoon in Biloxi to discuss the proposed ordinance for special events.
The ordinance would require any person or organization in the City of Biloxi that plans on hosting an event to acquire a special events permit. The permit would cost the planner a permit fee of five percent of the anticipated attendance.
This proposed ordinance comes after the recent spring break earlier this year that brought in over an estimated 85,000 people to Biloxi, but many do not support the ordinance and believe it won’t address the issues. Krewe of Neptune President Gerald Everett said, “For nonprofit like ourselves we try to put on a good time. For the City of Biloxi, it’s basically a lot of fees that we can’t take on without having to go somewhere else.”
Biloxi City Councilmember Kenny Glavan said, “This ordinance has a lot of question marks. So, we got to move on and see what we can continue to do to make it better.”
The City Council says there will likely be more public hearings and workshops to address the proposed ordinance.

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