11/03 Ryan’s “Foggy Weekend” Friday Forecast

We finally had the foggy start to the day we’ve been expecting all week long, and those conditions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so get ready for a foggy weekend. At this point, every day until after next Wednesday will be hot and humid, with afternoon highs in the low 80s and evening lows in the mid 60s on the waterfront. Inland areas will be slightly warmer during the day, and cooler at night with less fog. Coastal and moisture heavy locations like riverbanks, ponds, and bays will have much more moisture to work with and will have more visibility issues. Fog shouldn’t last past 10 am on any given day, so our afternoons won’t be bad, just unseasonably warm, humid, and with little rain.

No tropical disturbances to worry about for at least the next week.

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