11/26 Ryan’s “Getting Cloudy” Tuesday Evening Forecast

There were a few breaks earlier today, but as we head into the night skies will become more cloudy as rain begins again. A cold front is slowly pushing into the Southeast, so it will take quite a while to make it through. I currently have this timed to occur just before noon tomorrow, so showers are possible until then at least.

Showers are all I’m expecting to see with this system, but a thunderstorm or two isn’t out of the question.

However, severe weather is not likely. This front will bring in slightly cooler and drier air for Thanksgiving, but we will warm quickly as another front moves in. Expect your Thanksgiving high to max out near 66, but we’ll be back into the low 70s by the weekend. It won’t last long though. Our next front will be through by Sunday, so expect mild highs and chilly lows with ample sunshine through Tuesday.

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