11/24 Ryan’s “Vastly Different” Tuesday Night Forecast

Very cold weather moved in last night after Sunday’s front, but things will be vastly different tonight!

Last night’s was chilly and clear, while tonight’s will be 20 degrees warmer as cloud cover increases.

Expect a low near 64 degrees with initially mostly clear skies giving way to partly cloudy by sunrise. This significant warming trend continues into the afternoon as well, high up to 77 degrees with partly sunny skies. I’ve lowered rain chances down to 30%, so at least a few showers will be scattered about. Also, if you’re expecting this front to slide through, bringing more cool/dry weather you’re going to be disappointed. Those conditions do return soon, even colder and drier than they’ve been so far, but it’s going to take several days.

Basically, the front moves in and stalls tomorrow night, lingering in the area through Friday.

That means cloudy, grey skies and scattered showers remain until a “kicker” moves through that’ll get things moving again. Expect that to happen over the weekend, and potentially freezing temperatures moving in behind.

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