10th annual Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Appreciation Awards

They put their lives on the line to protect and serve everyday and on this day some of our South Mississippi law enforcement officers received the recognition they deserve at the 10th annual Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Appreciation Awards.

For the past ten years, it’s been a packed house at the annual Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers awards, but this year, only the winners from each county were in attendance to receive awards, a tough choice considering all the nominees.

This year, the Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year and State Officer of the Year award went to Agent Jason Gazzo with the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, mainly for the role he played in the arrest of a suspect in the road rage shooting that claimed the life of Brandon Box in Jackson County over the Memorial Day weekend. MS Coast Crime Stoppers Program Coordinator Lori Massey said, “Agent Jason Gazzo from the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations. He was the lead agent. A lot of agencies came out to help on that case, in addition to information from Crime Stoppers.”

Crime Stoppers granted seven other awards to law enforcement officers from various agencies in South Mississippi at the awards banquet, Pearl River County Sheriff’s Deputy David Farmer was one of them. “Deputy David Farmer is what a law enforcement officer should strive to be when entering his or her profession.”

Something instilled in him as a young boy. Farmer said, “Even as a child. I had a lot of great mentors throughout my teenage years that just drew me to it.”

Many of those honored here at the Crime Stoppers Law Enforcement Awards Breakfast didn’t waste any time getting back on the beat after the awards, knowing there is still work to be done. “They want the public to be able to reach out to them either by calling Crime Stoppers or calling them directly. There are lots of unsolved crimes on the Coast-violent crimes, burglaries, and others. We need the public to reach out to law enforcement or Crime Stoppers.

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