10th Annual Cemetery Tour Biloxi

There may be more living than dead in The Old Biloxi Cemetery lately… The cemetery tours are back and it’s the tenth anniversary.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson has the details.

History rose from the graves of the Old Biloxi Cemetery Sunday as people gathered to learn about the mayors and their important roles in the city’s time line.
The tenth anniversary’s theme especially important to Gordon Sinclair a descendent of Mayor Louis J Braun who was mayor for Biloxi in the 19-30’s…
Sinclair flew in from Scottsdale Arizona just to witness the event showcase his grandfather’s history

“You have to research in order to know where you came from and where your children came from, you know, where these guys came from.”
– Gordon Sinclair

Sixth generation Brauns and others listened to ongoing re-enactments of Biloxi’s mayors
Each telling a story of how they helped shape Biloxi’s history.
Biloxi actor Billy Miller played the role of Mayor Braun

“His largest contribution to the city of Biloxi was making all the negotiations resulting in us getting Keesler field.”
– Billy Miller

Mayor from 1936 to 1942 Braun acquired the Biloxi light house and helped the city through the great depression.

“During the war they didn’t have asphalt so he had an oyster shell factory so he crushed the oyster shells and helped pave the streets.”
– Gordon Sinclair

“The tenth anniversary the cemetery tour had 17 reenactors. Wow! That’s more than ever before.”
– Gina Tomlinson

“They can learn things about Biloxi’s history that most folks unless its presented to them in this way they’d never learn.”
– Gordon Sinclair

A day full of politics, history, and moments close to the hearts of those who will one day too be a part of the city’s past.

“It’s important to know that there were some great men that served our city and that helped make Biloxi great. And it’s the greatest city on the coast.”
– Gordon Sinclair

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