100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

Yesterday marked the 100th year women have been able to vote in the United States.

The 19th Amendment of the United States Constitution was passed by Congress on June 4th, 1919 but it was not ratified until August 18th, 1920.

Because of the efforts of major women’s suffrage organizations and suffrage leaders such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton in the late 1800s and early 1900s, this year’s presidential election will be the 26th time women are able to cast their vote to help choose the leader of the United States.

Harrison County District 4 Election Commissioner Christene Brice spoke to News 25 about the importance of remembering those who fought for our right to vote and the importance of exercising that right. “Even though it happened over a hundred years ago, we need to remember that someone paid the price for us to be able to vote. So, if someone paid the price to vote, then we need to make sure that we continue to vote. We need to let the children, the youth, know that it didn’t just come. Someone had to pay the price for them. So we need to not act as if it’s not important.”

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