10/05 Ryan’s “TS Nate” Thursday Forecast

The local weather remained beautiful today, and will tomorrow as well, but then we’ll begin seeing Nate moving into the Northern Gulf as a potential hurricane. South Mississippi is currently sandwiched between a frontal boundary trying to push into the area, and a tropical disturbance moving Westward across South Florida. This disturbance has next to no chance of becoming it’s own tropical system, but it will settle just to the West of the developing Nate by Saturday morning. This will create Southerly winds and will combine with the high pressure system to the East (also creating Southerly winds) to force the storm rapidly North, straight towards the Gulf Coast. There is still a decent amount of uncertainty as to Nate’s final path, landfall intensity, and speed, but those answers will likely become much more clear by tomorrow afternoon. It’s always best to prepare for the worst while expecting the best, so finalizing your family’s hurricane plan and stocking up on water/non-perishables isn’t a bad idea.

Otherwise, Friday’s weather will be similar to the last few, sunny, drier, and hot. No rain is expected but cloud cover will increase some, and we’ll begin to feel the humidity inching upwards as the tropical moisture moves in. Stay tuned for the forecast update later tonight.

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