100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis celebrates Centennial Anniversary

The 100 Men Hall is celebrating a huge milestone this year.

2022 marks the 100-year anniversary of the 100 Men Hall in Bay St. Louis. The building was built by the Hundred Members Debating Benevolent Association in 1922. The purpose of the organization was to help the African-American community band together by forming a death and burial association.

100 Men Hall Director Rachel Dangermond said, “It gave rise to being one of the premier juke joints on the Chitlin Circuit. So, we had famous legendary musicians who were travelling the south like James Brown, Ray Charles, Etta James, Guitar Slim, B.B. King, they came and played here at this hall. It’s just a historic gem right now.”

During the dark times, the building was used as a place for joy and entertainment.

The hall is a place for both musical and cultural events which preserve the hall and keep it alive.

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