100 Men Hall hosts first Booker Fest

For the first time ever, the 100 Men Hall is hosting Booker Fest to celebrate musical genius and Bay St. Louis native James Booker.

Starting Friday at 8 p.m., people can head out to the 100 Men  Hall to enjoy live music, art, food, and fun with the family.

The two-day event features a gospel tribute by St. Rose De Lima Choir and a piano tribute by two of New Orleans greatest pianists, Tom McDermott and Josh Paxton.

Organizers say this will be a historic good time for all to enjoy. “It’s going to be an annual event which is going to help keep the historical building up in maintenance and keep the entertainment going. It’s a huge fundraiser to just continue what we’ve been doing here the last year. This is a nonprofit organization so all the funds that are made this weekend help to keep the legacy of the 100 Men Hall alive.”

Also on Friday night, Gallery Smith and Lens will host its second Women of Color Exhibit as a kickoff to the Booker Fest Celebration.

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