How The 100 Men Blues Hall Was Saved

It’s a land mark on the Mississippi Blues Trail, but the One Hundred Man Hall in Bay Saint Louis wouldn’t be rocking today if the building’s owners didn’t save the historic hall from being demolished. Legendary to blues, Historical to African American culture, a local treasure to Mississippi and almost lost.
Contractor Jesse Loya and his wife Kerrie say they didn’t know the old dance hall they rescued from getting torn down would become land mark on the Mississippi blues trail.
Kerrie Loya tells News 25, “Jessie lost his mind and was like oh my god, I have to save this building.” built during segregated times, the 100 men hall in Bay Saint Louis was once a social hub for African Americans hosting all types of events from weddings to dances to fundraisers and many big names of rhythm, blues and soul music grooved on its stage before.
Kerrie Loya tells News 25, ‘‘All the famous black performers played here. So Eda James and Fats Domino and Big Joe Turner, guitar slim, Ikentina Turner. “
“When the Loyas bought the dance hall they started getting visitors finding out the hall was regular stop on chitin circuit a network of clubs that allowed black entertainers to perform back when that was taboo. “ – Gina Tomlinson
Jesse Loya told News 25, “It’s still unfolding. There are so many things that keep coming up.” and the Loyas say the more they learn makes reason for it to be a tourist destination.
Kerrie Loya tells News 25, “During the time of segregation this was a place where the local African American could have things take care of that they normally couldn’t get. Medicine, legal counsel”
“The Loyas actually live in the hall making themselves more available to visitors who want to tour or listen to its songs of the past.” – Gina Tomlinson
Kerrie Loya tells News 25, “When we found out we were getting the blues trail marker Jessie was just like we’re going to have to live over here there’s just no way!” Now the Loyas host events and performances at the hall and Kerrie says if anyone has a passion for music.
Kerrie Loya tells News 25, “This is the place because it’s not just a marker in the middle of a field,” It’s a spot where tourists can actually step inside to see and it stands right here on our coast.

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