10/06 Ryan’s “More Fog” Wednesday Night Forecast

Beautiful days expected for the rest of the week, but the humid air will lead to more fog in the cooler morning hours.

We saw more blue skies today and will see even more in the days ahead, but we’re still going to be in for more morning fog. This air won’t be much drier at the surface though, so don’t expect a “fall-like” day as it’ll be more “early summer-like.” That means it’ll still be on the humid side, so fog is still possible in calm, cooler inland areas and will only feel marginally hotter during the day.

Expect a low near 67 tonight with inland patchy fog and a warmer afternoon high near 85 with even more blue skies than today for tomorrow.

These trends continue into the end of the week, bringing another degree of cooling at night and a few more degrees each afternoon until Saturday. I expect to hit our peak temperature in the upper 80s by then and conditions will begin to return to average levels. By Monday return flow will have set up as the high in the area shifts further east, bringing higher humidity, more clouds, and a return of low afternoon shower chances for the most of next week.

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