1/25 – Jeff Vorick’s “Colder” Wednesday Night Forecast

Temperatures are much colder than this time yesterday! The coldest of the airmass is working into South Mississippi. Cloud coverage will help keep temperatures from bottoming out tonight. Winds will remain elevated enough to provide for a wind chill around 30 degrees tomorrow morning.

High pressure fully builds in tomorrow. This will lead to clear skies and winds backing down in the evening. High temperatures will be around 5 degrees below seasonal average. Light winds overnight and clear skies will allow for very efficient cooling tomorrow night. Some locations will record freezing temperatures.

High pressure moves east as we close out the week. Return flow will allow for moisture to recover and a warming trend to begin. Clouds will increase Friday into Saturday. A storm system will be forming in the western Gulf at the start of this weekend. It is poised to bring a gloomy and rainy end to the weekend.


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