09/26 Ryan’s “Still Summer?” Tuesday Forecast

It still feels like summer out there even though fall officially started last Friday afternoon, but I promise cooler and drier conditions are on the way. The hot and humid days will still last a little longer, but I expect to begin seeing the first changes by Friday. A cold front is sliding down from the plains states, and it will move through South MS by Friday morning, but won’t have much moisture to work with so no rain is expected. This front will usher in cooler and drier air, and will linger through the weekend as the high pressure filters in. “Normal” humidity levels will begin returning by Tuesday though as the ridge moves far enough East to set up Southerly “return flow,” bringing a little cloud cover back into the area, as well as a slight increase in temperature. Afternoon highs for next Wednesday should be much more seasonal with temperatures in the mid 80s.

Both Tropical Storm Maria and Hurricane Lee are still holding on to life in the Atlantic. Maria remains just off the East Coast near North Carolina, and will see gusting winds, tide swells, and increased rip currents as the storm continues crawling Northward. By Wednesday afternoon/Thursday morning, the frontal system which will eventually bring our cooler weather will lift Maria East-Northeast, carrying it all the way into the Northern Atlantic before dissipation on Saturday. Lee will likely strengthen into the sixth Major Hurricane of the season, but is not expected to make any significant landfall, and will be directed Northeast into the open Atlantic by the weekend just like Maria.

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