09/25 Ryan’s “First Week of Fall” Monday Forecast

It’s still the first week of fall, but the summertime weather will last a bit longer. This afternoon’s showers are already clearing for the night, but we’ll likely see at least a few tomorrow afternoon, but that’s when things begin getting a bit drier. A front is approaching and will be just entering the Southeast by Wednesday afternoon, and should be through South MS by Thursday afternoon, bringing gradually cooler and drier conditions. This front will be very dry so don’t expect much rain with it, but airmass it brings will have our daily highs in the lower 80s by the beginning of next week.

There are still two active hurricanes in the tropics right now. Maria continues to move Northward, running parallel to the East Coast, but should take a sharp right toward the Northeast by Wednesday afternoon. Maria will be close enough to the coastline by Tuesday that the North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland Coasts should expect some tide swells, increased rip currents, and hurricane/tropical storm force winds. Lee continues to move around the Central Atlantic, and will even strengthen into a Category 2 storm over the next few days. Still is not expected to make any significant landfall, and will be forced into the Northern Atlantic by Saturday.

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