09/20 – Steve’s Dry Midday Forecast

So … with Fall beginning on Thursday, it only seems fitting that our weather shows some sort of change. Here in the Deepest South, we really don’t ever cool off until, like, Thanksgiving. And then it’s always with a very cold rain and gusty winds. Well, we’ve had a weak backdoor cold front push through late on Monday that has dried us out from the surface (where we are) all the way up about six miles over your head. This won’t mean it’ll be any cooler, but it does mean that we’ll have significantly less humidity and, thus, more comfortable sensible weather, the weather you can sense.

For the next couple of days, we’re in no danger of seeing even a drop of precipitation. Daytime high temperatures will be in the lower nineties and overnight lows in the lower seventies.

And, just to be honest: I have zero idea about how our weather is going to shape up for late in the upcoming weekend and next week. Oh, I’m not talking major changes, but this morning, models can’t find purchase on next week as they diverge in outcomes after about Sunday. It would seem that the northern leg of the Jet Stream is going to try to assert itself farther south than it has in months. This could mean the first true cold front of the season may be on its way.

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