09/19 Ryan’s “Manic Monday” Forecast

While “The Bangles” might have hit the nail on the head with the song “Manic Monday,” that certainly doesn’t describe today’s weather. “Beautiful”, “gorgeous”, and “near perfect” are pretty close though. After the weekend’s grey weather, the frontal boundary that caused all the cloudiness has moved further East, leaving a large portion of the Western Southeast drier and more clear. Expect this pattern to continue over the next few days, with temperatures starting in the low to mid 90s, slowly transitioning into the upper 80s. Moisture and rain will be hard to find through much of the week, but “normal” conditions begin to appear by the weekend.

We’re still right in the heart of hurricane season, and while the weekend did allow many of our recent disturbances to drop off, one of them did develop into our 13th tropical depression today. This system will likely become tropical storm Lisa in the next 24 hours, but neither she nor TS Karl are expected to have any significant impact on Gulf Coast weather.

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