09/08 -Steve’s Dry Midday Forecast

This morning has been the coolest and driest we’ve had in months. Our normal low temp at the station has been around 76 degrees for the last few weeks (normal for Summer). This morning, we’ve shaved about six degrees off of that – the low was 70 degrees. I realize that doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but it is indicative of the influence the front has had on our ‘sensible’ weather.

Alas, Weather (or is it Mother Nature’s whims?) always changes. The upper-level high pressure that has dominated the southeast for several days is beginning to show signs that it will break down a bit on Friday and begin allowing any waves in the Westerlies to approach the Deep South. For now, the effect won’t be substantial, only allowing for a front to come as far south as the Ark-La-Miss before washing out early next week. The result, at least as far as I can soothsay, will be an increase in the likelihood of showers and storms late in the day on Saturday and Sunday. The ‘front’ won’t be over the area, having only limited influence on our convective activity. Combined with sea breeze effect (and the concordant land breeze in the early mornings), it will only be an auxiliary lifting/forcing mechanism.

Midweek next week, another wave is expected to develop across the central part of the U.S. and then, perhaps, move into the Deep South. This could be our first jolt of cooler Canadian air this far south since Spring.

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