09/29 Ryan’s “Soggy” Wednesday Night Forecast

Another soggy night and early morning ahead after late afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms.

Another wet Wednesday afternoon down with not much changing as we head into the evening. Showers will continue for a while as they did yesterday, but will begin to diminish as the sun sets. There is still upper level support creating lift, but without the extra help from heating it won’t hold together long. By sunrise they’ll begin to develop again as the diurnal cycle picks up, so expect a 30% chance with a low near 72.

Patchy fog is likely once again, especially in areas wet with rain.

Tomorrow afternoon will also be on the damp side with a slightly cooler low near 83, and rain chances drop off quickly through the evening. That’s due to a backdoor front and building high to the east, which will bring drier air into the mid/upper levels, but won’t do much to dry the surface air. We’ll at least see more sun, but it won’t be any less humid. A stronger front does move in by the middle of next week though.

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