09/17 Ryan’s “Little Sun” Thursday Evening Forecast

Skies opened up a little and let in a little sun, but we’ll be seeing more clouds in the days ahead. Only expecting a few of those tonight, so partly cloudy with a low near 72 and light northerly winds. There is a chance a shower could drift across the area, and while it’s quite low it does increase over the weekend. Tomorrow afternoon cools from today, high down to 82 with mostly cloudy skies and that sight chance of an isolated shower.

Rain chances max on Saturday, around 40% as a weak front moves in.

This front will make things a little cooler and drier, but not dramatically so. All this cloud cover is drifting our direction from a tropical disturbance in the Western Gulf, which has just now been classified as Tropical Depression 22. This is officially forecast to move towards TX by Tuesday, but could potentially drift into the Gulf by the end of the week so stay tuned.

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