09/16 Ryan’s “Less Rain” Thursday Night Forecast

More rain is ahead, just less of it than we've seen over the last two extremely wet days.

There’s more rain ahead as Nicholas continues to wind down, but we’re seeing a little less each day. Expect that trend to continue for the rest of the week and the weekend thanks to dry air to the west. This dry air has absolutely devastated Nicholas’ structure, but there’s still enough moisture to work with to bring periodic waves of heavier rainfall.

The bulk of the rain has been pushed to the eastern side of South MS, and it looks like that is expected to continue.

That’s not to say the rest of the area won’t see any at all, but chances are higher in East Harrison, Jackson, and George Counties. The Flash Flood Watches are set to expire Friday evening, but even then rain is still likely into the weekend. Conditions will begin to improve more noticeably next week as rain chances fall even further. Those won’t last too long though thanks to a cold front moving in just in time for the official start of fall next Wednesday.

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