09/14 Ryan’s “Heavy Rains” Tuesday Night Forecast

Light rain for today, but tonight will see heavy showers move in and linger into the afternoon.

I expected at least a few heavy showers this afternoon, but so far only a light rain over most of South MS. The light rain will continue, but through the night and into tomorrow it will be joined by more pockets of moderate-to-heavy showers. Expect them to begin a few hours before sunrise, and continue through almost all of Wednesday.

That means today’s rain has only saturated the ground which will lead to flooding issues as the inches pile up.

Current estimates have all of South MS getting just under a half a foot of rain by Thursday afternoon,, though upwards of 10″ is possible just off-shore. This will undoubtedly lead to a few areas of flash flooding, and at least two rivers are forecast to reach flood stage. Right now that’s only the Biloxi river and the Wolf river, but the Tchoutacabouffa will be very close. Expect these rivers to crest Thursday, though it could be as late as Friday morning.