09/09 Ryan’s “Fall-ish” Thursday Evening Forecast

Not much change until late tonight, but things have already begun feeling fall-ish.

It has been a while, but some beautiful fall-ish weather is moving in! I say fall-ish, and not fall-like, because our days won’t cool much, but it will be quite cool for the next few nights. Expect tonight to fall into the mid 60s with clear skies and light northerly winds. Tomorrow’s high will remain hot, but will be slightly below the seasonal average at 87 degrees.

We’ll see one more degree of cooling for Friday night but it starts going the other direction by Saturday.

That’ll be due to a shifting high bringing back southerly winds by Saturday evening, and it’s possible a tropical disturbance will be close enough to the west to bring back a few clouds by Sunday. Showers will return by the start of the work week, and it looks like they’ll linger for a few days before thinning again before next weekend.

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