08/31 Ryan’s “Drier” Thursday Forecast

Since Harvey has finally moved out of the area, we can expect to see a drier evening. Almost all of the instability was wiped out as Harvey moved through, and high pressure is building to the West which will guarantee a drier and mostly sunny weekend. Expect the temperatures to remain in the upper 80s at first, rise into the lower 90s on Saturday, and dip right back into the upper 80s as we begin to see the return of our humid, afternoon shower pattern. This continues through the week until a frontal system moves in from the Northwest, bringing rain by Wednesday and cooler/drier conditions after.

The tropics are really getting crowded. Tropical Storm Irma became major Category 3 Hurricane Irma quickly throughout the day. This storm is continuing Westward, and seems poised to enter the Caribbean Sea by Wednesday or Thursday as a Category 4 storm. It’s too early to responsibly say whether or not it will head into the Gulf or near South MS at this time, but we’ll continue to closely monitor it over the next few weeks.

An area of disturbed weather just West of the African Coast has a small chance of becoming a system within the next few days, but will likely form by the middle of next week right behind Irma. We’re also closely watching the Bay of Campeche, as a low pressure system is expected to form and drift Northward after the weekend, possibly becoming a tropical system and moving into already flood ravaged areas.

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