08/18 Ryan’s “Thirsty Thursday” Forecast

After a nearly unprecedented week of rainfall it looks like the ground will remain thirsty for at least another few days. An extension of the Bermuda High continues to reach Westward across the Southeast and is taking root in the Northeaster Gulf. This High is keeping the stationary boundary away from the coast, but we’ll still see some cloudiness and afternoon showers, just not many of them until after the weekend.

A cold front is pushing into the area as we begin next week, but just how far South it manages to make it remains to be seen. Regardless, we will still begin to feel it’s effects Sunday, with an increase in cloud cover, and Monday where the highest rain chances for the week are sitting at 40%.

TS Fiona continues to move Northwestward, and is still not forecast to make a significant landfall. Two new areas of interest are popping up off the West Coast of Africa, but don’t have a high chance of development in the short term.

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