08/31 Ryan’s “End of Meteorological Summer” Tuesday Evening Forecast

Tomorrow begins meteorological fall, but we all know that doesn't mean things will cool down anytime soon.

The end of August signifies the end of our meteorological summer, but things won’t feel fall-like for some time. In a real world sense that doesn’t mean much as the meteorological seasons are just 3 month blocks just to simplify record keeping. Fall won’t truly start until the equinox on the 22nd of September. Either way, we all know it will still be a while before any cooler, drier weather moves in.

In fact, we were under a heat advisory today and it will continue into at least tomorrow as well.

Normally this wouldn’t reach the threshold for an advisory, but it has been lowered due to power outages in the wake of Ida. I expect largely the same conditions through tomorrow, but slightly cooler and drier air is on the way. It’ll lower temperatures to average by the end of the week, with more noticeable changes at night with at least low in the upper 60s!

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