08/26 Ryan’s “Update: Tropical Storm Ida” Thursday Evening Forecast

The local weather has gotten wetter, and tropical storm Ida is moving into the Gulf this weekend.


The disturbance we’ve been watching in the Caribbean  has now become Tropical Storm Ida. It’s still too early for any responsible determination of landfall location, but models are trending too close for comfort. This afternoon’s center path was in Central Louisiana, though the 4 PM update pulled it more towards Houma. The biggest concern with this particular system is going to be its chances of “rapid intensification.”

High sea surface temperatures, low wind shear, and ample moisture are all coming together to fuel this rapidly organizing storm.

That means it will likely be a major hurricane (category 3 or above) when it landfalls and will be quite large, so damaging weather will extend far from the center. We will continue to monitor, and update frequently. Locally our weather remains on the wetter, cooler side for the next few days, but will begin to warm and dry by the end of next week.

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