08/25 – Rob’s “Wet Weather Continues/Tracking Laura” Tuesday Forecast

As TD Marco continues to move west along the Louisiana coast, the strong tropical flow will continue into south Mississippi. The focus will now shift to the SE’tern Gulf of Mexico as TS Laura continues to move NW. Conditions in the Gulf are favorable for development for
Laura with very warm sea-surface temperatures and lower wind shear.

While it is expected to strengthen to hurricane strength, the amount of intensification is still uncertain. Major hurricane strength is not off the table and is really dependent if Laura will be able to tap into some rapid intensification and how long it stays in the Gulf. A track moving more towards Texas has more potential for a stronger intensity hurricane.

While the current NHC forecast track is currently west of the Atchafalaya River, we still have the potential for significant impacts for southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Areas near the Atchafalaya have some potential to get tropical storm force winds. Since we will likely be on the eastern side of the storm so there is heavy rainfall potential wherever tropical rain banding sets up, as well as tornadoes.

The current coastal flooding is likely to continue and worsen as Laura approaches. Some storm surge is expected as Laura moves in closer. Please stay up to date on the latest forecasts and make sure your hurricane plan is ready to go.

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