08/21 Ryan’s “Active Tropics” Friday Evening Forecast

Forecasts for the next few days will focus on the tropics as storms move into the Gulf. Tonight will be another calm and pleasant evening in South MS, expect clear skies and light winds with a low near 71. Tomorrow is looking nice as well, with a high near 91 and lower heat indices.

There is a slight chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm, but any significant rainfall will wait until next week.

The rain begins Sunday thanks to an enhanced daytime heating pattern, but the real issue lies later on in the week. By Tuesday afternoon there will be two tropical systems in the Gulf, both likely hurricanes as well.

The current official forecast has Hurricane Laura making landfall Wednesday afternoon in South MS.

The path and intensity will continue to fluctuate as it develops. One of the main issues with the uncertainty is its proximity to Hurricane Marco. When tropical systems get close together, they can interact in various ways. They could orbit each other, merge and strengthen, or alter their speed and direction. This will require more study, but a promising trend is developing in Marco that may speed it up.

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