08/18 Ryan’s “Coastal Activity” Wednesday Night Forecast

The daytime inland showers are dying off, with a few more expected along the coast tonight.

The showers and thunderstorms that develop in the heat of the day are starting to die off, but we’ll see more in the way of coastal activity overnight. Still nothing significant though as we’ll continue our hotter and drier than average trend. That will change slightly in the short term, but the long term is looking even drier. Expect an average 30% chance of showers tomorrow afternoon with partly sunny skies and an average high near 91.

From that point forward the rain chances fall to 20% or less, and the mercury begins to inch up the thermometer.

I expect by the start of next week the high will have risen to around 95 degrees, which is likely going to bring about a few heat advisories. The heat index is already lingering near 105 with our temperature at 91, so it’s almost certain it will exceed 110 degrees through the middle of next week. Please be aware of this and use use additional caution while enjoying the South MS outdoors.

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