08/14 – Brantly’s “Hot and Humid” Friday Afternoon Forecast

Scattered showers and storms by the middle of the afternoon, becoming more widespread in the late afternoon and evening. Rain chances are up to around 70 percent today.

Tomorrow should be a bit of a transition day as drier air works into the area from the north. Rain chances should be a bit lower than today, with temperatures a bit warmer.

On Sunday, the models are not showing much in the way of rain with rain chances only at about 20 to 30 percent. However, if some models continue to trend the way they have with even lower rain chances, we might be looking at a completely dry forecast for Sunday. Of course, this would have an effect on high temperatures, and push highs to the mid 90s. If north winds are strong enough to overcome a potential sea breeze (roughly 8-10 mph), can`t rule out hotter temperatures along the Mississippi coast.

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