07/09 Ryan’s “Muggy” Friday Night Forecast

Clouds and fog.

No surprises in tonight’s forecast, just more hot, humid, and occasionally active weather. This afternoon was more rainy than yesterday was, slightly above average, but we’ll trend in a drier direction for the weekend.

That’s not to say “dry” weather, we’ll still see a shower or two, but it will be “drier.”

Expect that trend to continue tonight with a slight chance of an overnight shower with mostly cloudy skies and a low near 75. Tomorrow afternoon will clear some, down to partly sunny skies with a 30% chance of afternoon activity.

Mainly showers will develop, but a non-severe t-storm is possible as well.

A front is moving in for the start of next week, but this doesn’t appear likely to make it through the area. It seems more likely it’ll stall and break down, leading to a rainy Monday and Tuesday. At this point, drier air from the Atlantic will move in, which will keep skies more clear and sunny for the rest of next week.