06/15 Ryan’s “Summer Storm” Thursday Forecast

More summer storm action today, including one that managed a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, bringing lightning and small hail to South Mississippi. I don’t expect to see many more severe storms over the next few days, and we’ll drop below today’s “marginal” risk for severe weather heading into tomorrow. Tonight will remain warm and humid, with our “low” lingering in the upper 70s, though we were actually cooler than that in the early evening as the storm moved in. Tomorrow will remain at least partly sunny, with slightly lower moisture values leading to slightly fewer showers and storms. High will reach the low 90s.

Our “summer storm” pattern will continue through the weekend and into the beginning of next week before any significant drying will move in. The “good” news is while I still expect it to rain at least once each day, the next few days & Father’s Day should be relatively drier.

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