05/20 Ryan’s “Rain Ahead” Sunday Night Forecast

I’m expecting several rainy days ahead as we finish off a sunny and hot weekend. Last week was dominated by record high temperatures and isolated afternoon showers, but this one will be slightly cooler due to increased cloud cover and a higher chance of afternoon rain. A large part of our rainy issues will be due to daytime heating and conditional instability, but that will be enhanced slightly due to a weak open wave low pressure system moving in from Florida. This wave will allow for easier atmospheric lift, but will also increase the cloud cover to the point that it may limit surface heating, so each afternoon will be a delicate balancing act to see which dominates. While mostly showers are expected I can’t rule out an isolated thunderstorm or two, a few of which produced hail and gusting winds last week. Overall, expect several hot days with highs in the upper 80s with “random” afternoon showers, leading into warm and humid nights with patchy fog and moderate cloud cover. This trend will take us into the end of the month where a tropical feature may move into the picture, so stay tuned.

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